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Introducing The Value Stack Pyramid: Optimizing Our Practice

Introducing The Value Stack Pyramid: Optimizing Our Practice

March 24, 2023

Are you a New Year’s resolution-maker, a goal-setter, or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person? Regardless of how you start the new year, our motivation tends to wane around February or March, and we are less committed to those goals we were so excited about at the beginning of the year. 

The fact is, resolutions come and go, but our commitment to our clients will never waver. This year, our team aims to provide even more value to our clients by addressing their biggest concerns in life and helping them overcome those issues so they can increase their probability of success in reaching their goals. In this way, we hope to demonstrate that we are not just advisors but genuinely interested in our clients’ well-being. We call this new approach the Value Stack Pyramid. Let’s take a look at what that means. 

Building Toward Success

In the finance industry, there are essentially four types of advisors or financial offices. The level and degree of service they provide can best be illustrated as a pyramid. We discuss this in further detail in Episode 22 of our WIN Podcast, but here’s what those levels of the pyramid represent, from the bottom to the top:

  • Money Managers (Entry Level)
    • Investment selection, asset allocation, tax management, budgeting
  • Investment Planners (Goal Setting)
    • Estate planning, future healthcare planning, college funding, giving to charity  
  • Financial Planners (Big-picture Planning)
    • Organizing your estate, taking care of loved ones, getting on track for goals
  • Wealth Managers (Fulfillment) 
    • Accomplishing life’s purpose and goals, establishing and leaving a legacy

While a lot of financial advisors only focus on the basics (or bottom level of the pyramid), we raise the bar and try to continually elevate the value we provide clients. Our process may start at the bottom, depending on the client’s situation, but from there we build on each level, getting more specific in our objectives as we progress upward. Ultimately, we aim to provide the highest level of service as a wealth manager to help our clients achieve success. 

Our Definition of Success

We believe that success in life comes down to having a sense of fulfillment. It’s knowing that you made a difference to someone or something and achieved your life’s purpose. Once you have reached this level, you can truly start to enjoy all the hard work you have done and the progress you have made to get to this point in life. You can worry less and enjoy life more knowing you have everything in place for yourself and your loved ones. 

Level Up for Success

Progress in life comes from pushing one’s self to be better, whether that’s at work, in relationships, in our faith, or with our finances. Working with qualified people is essential, but to level up, it is crucial to partner with those who take the time to get to know you. At Heimensen Wealth Advisors, we believe people shouldn’t settle for the bottom of the pyramid. The world is full of advisors who act as money managers, but our firm strives to be a true wealth manager for our clients by delivering the maximum value. We do this by encouraging our clients to continuously grow and helping them level up until they reach the top of the pyramid of success. 

If you are looking to “level up” for success, we would love to help. Reach out to us today to schedule an introductory meeting by calling 712-472-3867 or emailing Be sure also to check out Corey’s book, Stop Doing Dumb Things With Your Money, and tune into his new Podcast, WIN—What’s Important Now.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Corey

Corey Heimensen is owner and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® at Heimensen Wealth Advisors, a full-service financial planning and investment management firm serving pre-retirees, independent contractors, small business owners, and young families. With 30 years of experience, Corey believes that future success in life means that you have to conquer today, and he equips his clients to do just that through education, guidance, and customized strategies. Corey’s goal is to do his part to make his clients’ lives better, taking some of the financial burden off their shoulders so they can focus on what matters most to them.

Corey is the author of Stop Doing Dumb Things With Your Money, and host of his new podcast, WIN—What’s Important Now, where he discusses planning strategies you can utilize now to help you build a financial path for tomorrow. Corey earned a degree in finance from Buena Vista University and resides in Rock Rapids, Iowa, with his wife and three children. When he’s not building his firm and working with clients, you can find Corey boating, reading, and attending sporting events. He loves anything related to basketball! To learn more about Corey, connect with him on LinkedIn and subscribe to his podcast.

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