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Why Advisors Choose Us...

Why Advisors Choose Us…

Wealthbridge Partners is an independent wealth management network established in 1999 with the goal of balancing the freedom of an independent advisor with the value proposition of a strong network.  Our mission with advisors is the same as with clients: “we do what we say we will do” by providing immediate, personalized succession and continuity plans for your business. Our commitment to this mission is defined by three core principles:

Flexible Structure
  • Autonomy that allows advisors to develop their practice and serve their clients as they desire
  • A continuity philosophy called Wealthbridge 123 that provides simplicity and immediacy based on your desired exit strategy
  • A personalized financial life plan  that provides business succession plans that are designed to offer protection and flexibility

Advisors are confident that they are engaging with a firm that is aligned with their interests

Dynamic Capabilities and Experience
  • Transition support, specialized technology solutions, and back office infrastructure allows advisors to focus on serving their clients and growing their business
  • The freedom and flexibility to select products and solutions without external influences
  • A turn-key client-driven service model centered on practical communications and clear expectations

Advisors have peace of mind knowing they have the resources and structure to serve clients at a high level

Commitment To Excellence
  • Highly responsive and accessible staff holds itself accountable to high standards of excellence
  • Scale and technology that allows for increased proactive communications between you and your client that helps to build a customized outreach experience that fits your needs
  • Independence and the fiduciary standard of an RIA provides clients with a sense of comfort

Advisors/Clients are more connected and informed, which can lead to  personal and professional growth