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Why Clients Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Us…

Corey Heimensen, AIF leads a financial planning practice that oversees and coordinates the financial affairs of families and individuals both locally and around the country. As a true thought leader in the industry, Corey is an author and has been instrumental in helping clients avoid critical mistakes when planning for their financial futures. His mission is to help clients simplify the complex, provide a calming voice during turbulent times, and be there when they need him most. His relentless focus on clients is demonstrated through three core principles:

I.Actionable Insights
Expertise and insight on wealth-related issues, that comes from decades of diverse experiences, research, and wisdom
The ability to actively listen and simplify complex topics, helps keep clients informed and ensures they feel heard and understood
An independent advisory firm which has the freedom and flexibility to select products and solutions without external influences

Benefit: Comfort from knowing you have an experienced advocate to help you make difficult financial decisions

II.Straight-Forward Planning
A candid discovery process seeks to understand a client’s entire financial picture by discussing their goals, risk profile, and legacy concerns
Plans that help maximize cash flow, minimize taxes, seek responsible growth, and address client concerns from wealth accumulation through legacy planning
Consistent oversight and innovative technology helps keep clients on track, and shows them the impact of emotions on investing, and identifies necessary changes

Benefit: Confidence that comes from having a plan in place that is solely benchmarked on your success

III.World Class Service
A client driven service model centered on proactive communication, clear expectations, and accountability that seeks to surpass client expectations
An intentional family outreach strategy brings people together, facilitates conversation around wealth, and provides heirs with structured plans
An active interest in clients’ lives helps create trust and a strong working partnership across generations and geographies

Benefit: Peace of mind that comes from having an advisor that truly acts as an extension of your family