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Future success in life means you conquer today.

Future success in life means you conquer today.

Financial Fouls – Exploring Topics Related to Finance and the NBA (Ep. 29)

As the NBA finals are approaching, have you ever thought about the amount of money the players make? Yes, a lot.

But despite earning millions, are they financially responsible? What mistake do they make with their money?

In this episode, Corey Heimensen chats about how NBA players handle their personal finances, sharing important lessons that can be applied to anyone’s spending habits. He emphasizes the impact of nepotism and the importance of incorporating positive habits for future generations to learn from.

Corey discusses:

How finances can be related to any topic
The topic of whether professional athletes make too much money
The minimum and average salaries of NBA players and the value they bring to their companies
The importance of discipline in spending and how it applies to every individual with any level of income
Positive and negative stories about the spending habits of some NBA players
Why nepotism, done in the right way, it can be a good thing
The advantages and disadvantages of nepotism in business and how it can affect generational wealth
How our kids learn from our habits and the importance of being a good role model
And more!


“Stop Doing Dumb Things With Your Money” – by Corey Heimensen
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